Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Upcycling wine crates

You can upcycle wine crates at different levels. From a useful shelf to art exhibit. This is few pictures showing how versatile these wood boxes could be. And how easily you can modify them.

You can find wheels at amazon for less than $10 the set of 4! you just have to use wood screws to attach them.
When you hang crates like this, you have to make sure it's well attached to your wall, and that no kids will try to use the structure as a ladder. You better use good wood screws to attach the crate to a stud. Between the studs, use at least three butterfly anchors for each crate, they look like this, it's pretty strong:

Probably my favorite upcycling from ciclismo jewelery

A side table from Nicolas Maison on Etsy
A basket from the garden crate company

I'd like to end this overview with a little bit of art with australian artist Tracey Johnson who uses his jigsaw to open the crates and creates light sculptures. 


  1. Love love love the first 2 pictures :-)

  2. I love the first picture and the side table picture as well. The rustic look is nice, but I tend to lean toward the nice polished look.